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Whether you need basic access just to share ideas, collaborate and find other people, or if you run a business promoting new and upcoming artists or a venue, we have levels to suit your needs.

Our Prolevels are geared towards users who are serious in their pursuit of a musical career or serious about music as a hobby. We’ve tailored the Pro levels so you get access to what you need, when you need it.

Our Businesslevels are made for business users - i.e. private tutors, venue managers, A&R Reps, labels and so on. These levels give you more access than the Pro levels, and also allow you to use UNDRGRND as a business platform to aid your business.

Registered charity? We want to do our bit to help support charities. If you are a charity, please email us and we can give you a discounted rate for a Business account, or a free account if you are eligible.

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